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About Me

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Élysée Lang, and photographing weddings is my passion. Though I delight in different styles of photography, I especially love working with film – capturing experiences in an intimate, artistic way, in dreamy colours and grainy textures. I’m a firm believer in love at first sight – having experienced it myself upon my meeting my fiancé when we were both teenagers.


I love to Love. I have so much love to give, that even pets, babies and the elderly usually receive way too much of my attention! As a people person, I have a knack for connecting with others; I greet strangers and acquaintances as lifelong friends. Weddings are my favourite events to photograph because they contain everything that I love in one day: the beauty of all the details; the first look exchanged between the marrying couple; happiness; dessert (haha!); and the fun : )


Love has no specific colour, race, creed or sex. It is guided by one’s heart, and its reasons cannot be explained. Love has the power to move us without words; and often, I am moved to tears behind the camera during ceremonies. It is an honour to partake in each and every wedding day, as part of this special moment in your life’s journey.

Email me now to see If I’m available!